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SDR 3.1 Script Features :

The SDR 3.1 is a major update for sdr 3 . This will be used as the built for all incoming updates of the script , It was made to face recent changes in php and that lots of functions in old script was using old php codes

New updates in this version [ Plus the features of sdr 3 } :

1- All deprecated php functions , Codes removed and replace with up to date functions .
2- Old dead codes removed( dead payment processors , functions , old features, etc ... )
3- SolidTrustPay Added
4- OKPay added
5- Perfect Money added ( With the updated .is domain )
6- Paypal Headers updated to comply with http 1.1
7- Alertpay upgraded to payza ( Official update )
8- Payment method now shows in unprocessed orders
9- Script backup method problems fixed and now works perfectly fine so admins can take database backups from inside admin panel
10- Backup cron adjusted so now owners can set backups to run automatically at the time of their choice
11- Orphan Referrals to allociate entirely removed now all members with no upline will be registered with no upline ( perfect for sales )
12- Old recaptcha removed and new captcha system integrated
13- Extra security updates added to the script, Focusing on users operations related files.
14- Login and register page improved with more error messages notifications
15- Script optimized to use less resources on hosting.
16- Lots of enhancements to internal files including complete restructure of some pages .
17- Members now can delete the referrals they choose from their downline.
18- Internal messages errors fixed .
19- Extra stats added in member profile page
20- Option in admin panel to check for latest version of the script
21- Shift Referrals and claim bonus features removed from members side ( For security Reasons )
22- Now script has only one downline level
23- Password recovery method has been completely restructured to block the vulnerabilities in old password recovery system
24- Option to put site under maintenance added to admin panel so owners can put site under maintenance while doing changes or modifications in the site
25- If maintenance mod is active only admins will be able to login , Other members will be redirected to maintenance page if they tried to login , Also notification message will show in login page
26- Stylish design for maintenance page added .
27- Templates now are selectable from admin panel , All templates available inside templates folder will show in a selectable drop down menu from admin side ( This should prevent any typos mistakes while adding templates )
28- Added option in admin panel to enable admin to block ips of hack attempts ( Blocked IPs can be removed from deny ip manager in cpanel )
29- Now standard member benefits should show to standard members on memberships page
30- Fixed error of membership PTP , Referrals purchased and upgrades bonuses not showing for upgraded members under their memberships in memberships page
31- Fixed bug that direct referrals can be recycled , Now only non direct referral are recyclable
32- Admins now can arrange set terms of service order on site page from admin panel
33- In member account page memberships remaining days replaced with membership expirey date
34- In referrals page members now are able to arrange referrals according to all available fields .
35- Downline page will show now 25 referrals at a time , members can view rest of referrals on next pages ( 25 referrals per each page ) to control page styling and help managing too many referrals
36- Referral api option removed since it was not used and presented a security risks
37- Script emailer system upgraded to works on php 5.x.x versions
38- New messages notifications updated so it becomes more visible to members now

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